Lead>Defend 2022 Breakout Session Descriptions

Rhyne Putman – “Kissing Jesus Goodbye: Why Some People are ‘Deconstructing’ the Faith and What to Think About It

Times: 11:45am & 1:15pm — Location: The Spot

Over the last few years, several prominent evangelicals, including pastors, popular speakers, and musicians, have announced that they were leaving the Christian faith. The Bible calls this phenomenon “apostasy,” but its recent advocates call it “deconstruction.” This session explores the intellectual, emotional, and practical reasons some choose to leave the faith and offers a better way of understanding what it means to find yourself in Christ.


Jamar Andrews – The Person of Jesus

Times: 11:45am & 1:15pm — Location: Horne Hall

Who do you say that I am? This question was asked by Jesus and I believe this is the most important question in the world. During this session you will be exposed to common objects raised by skeptics using the Bible to challenge the person of Jesus, and learn how to overcome them by answering using the scriptures.


Andrea Lennon – Reflecting His Glory: From Conformity to Transformation

Times: 11:45am & 1:15pm — Location: The Chapel

Do you long for a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you tired of constantly trying to measure up to the world’s definition of success? If so, allow God’s Word to transform the way you live as you embrace the call to reflect His glory.

Neal Scoggins – Brave Faith – Revealing Christ in a Post-Christian Society

Time: 2:15pm — Location: The Spot

Learn biblical insight and wisdom on how to lead your circle of friends & family to accept and promote Jesus Christ in not-so-welcoming environments. The participants will understand the biblical framework of spiritual leadership under cultural restrictions.

Derek Brown – Is Stress the New Norm?

Time: 2:15pm — Location: Horne Hall

Life is hard but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Learn some better strategies to manage stress and care for your emotional life, even when the demands are high. Learn to practice true self-care that is more effective and looks much different than what the world is teaching us.

Buck Ortega – Who’s Looking at You?

Time: 2:15pm — Location: The Chapel

Description coming soon…