Lead>Defend 2023 Breakout Session Descriptions

Rhyne Putman – The Incomprehensible Truth of the Trinity

Times: 11:45am & 1:15pm — Location: Horne Hall

Few subjects make believers scratch their heads more than the doctrine of the Trinity. How can God be both one and three? How do the Father, the Son, and the Spirit relate to one another? To be sure, this biblical teaching is mysterious and difficult. Studying the doctrine of the Trinity may be hard work, but it promises great reward for followers of Christ. The doctrine of the Trinity stretches our minds, floods our hearts with joyful adoration, and moves our hands and feet to active obedience.

Jamar Andrews – Who is this man, Jesus?

Times: 1:15pm & 2:15pm— Location: Vaught

What kind of a man is this? This question was asked by Jesusfollowers, and I believe this is one of the most important question in the world. During this session you will be exposed to common questions asked by skeptics using the Bible to challenge the deity of Jesus, and learn how to overcome them by answering using the scriptures.

Dr Barbara Pemberton – Engaging Islam
Times: 11:45am – Location: The Spot
The goal of this session is to provide participants with a basic understanding of Islam and to prepare them to engage Muslim friends with confidence, knowledge, and respect. The session will include the origins of Islam and a comparison of the basic beliefs of Islam with those of Christianity. Responses to Muslimsmost common misconceptions and arguments against Christianity will be also addressed. Participants will leave encouraged to share their faith with Muslims within the context of prayer and personal relationships.

Neal Scoggins –Black Hebrew Israelites

Time: 1:15pm — Location: The Spot

 In this session, discover what science IS, what science is NOT, and how Christians should respond.

Dr. Chad Meeks – The Religion of Scientism

Time: 1:15pm — Location: The Spot

 In this session, discover what science IS, what science is NOT, and how Christians should respond.

Warren Gassaway – Explore Your Call panel

Time: 2:15pm — Location: Horne Hall

How can you know that you are being called to vocational ministry? Most people working through a call to ministry would like clarity and confidence. Assurance of a call comes when you begin to recognize Gods work in your life. This breakout focuses on understanding Gods will by examining different ways He uses to direct us.

Luke Harper – Leadership In College

Time: 2:15pm — Location: The Spot

What does it take to be a leader in college? So often we hear of the statistics of college students dropping out of faith or the church. It is my heart to discuss with you the common traits and encouragements Ive seen from college students who dont just survive with faith in college but rather thrive. Come hear how to not just make it through, but to lead and leave a legacy through your faith in college.

Sean McDowell – The World of Transgenderism & Worldview and Film

Time: 11:45am & 2:15pm — Location: Auditorium

We are in the midst of a gender revolution. People are reconsidering gender norms and wrestling with what this means for families, schools, sports, health care, the church, and many other social institutions. In this presentation, Sean compares and contrasts the worldview behind this new revolution with the historic Christian faith. It is only when we understand the worldview behind transgenderism that we can wisely address some of the difficult practical issues capturing the cultural conversation today.


Movies, television, and other forms of modern media deeply shape the way we view the world. In this session, Sean walks through how to understand the nature and power of worldviews through analyzing various films. Using short clips, Sean will help the audience learn how to more critically watch movies and also to see how they present a “view of the world” that compares and contrasts with the Christian faith.