Bret Kunkle

Doubting Your Doubts: How to Deal with Doubt
Everyone doubts—it’s part of being human. But doubt regarding God must be dealt with before it becomes destructive. To face the issue of our doubt head on, first we must identify the three different causes of doubt—intellectual, emotional and moral—and then we’ll be able to deal with it in helpful ways. Ultimately we’ll see how doubt can actually be a tool God uses to lead us into a deeper faith. 

Kolby King

The Truth about Truth
Description: Don’t get tricked. There’s a lot of deception in the world but when you know the truth you won’t fall for a lie. Using tricks and illusions, we’ll answer the following: Are all religions true? What’s different about Christianity? Is Christianity intolerant? How can I share what I believe?

Erin Kunkle

Navigating Gender: What Does it Mean to Be Male & Female?
Description: Can a boy be “trapped” in a girl’s body or vice versa? The vast majority of people in our culture do not know how to answer this question. This talk will help unravel the bad ideas about gender that our culture has embraced and then provide a true and biblical picture of masculinity and femininity that honors our God-given design.

Brock Caldwell

More than a Myth
Description:  Truth has to have a standard. For the Christain worldview, that standard is scripture. Yet many want to claim that the Bible is out dated, a collection of good stories, of just a bunch of made up myths. This breakout will explore the facts behind why the Bible can not only be trusted but can be trusted as inspired by God.

Adam Venters

Great Teams!
Description: What the 96 Bulls, 2000 Lakers, the US Women’s National Soccer Team and the Book of Proverbs teach us about Biblical Wisdom and how to see it in the world and apply it to our lives.

Bill Newton

Evolution: Do You Come From Goo???
Description: Evolution is often presented in science class (& popular media) as scientific fact. But is it based in actual science or just a theory? What is the truth? What does actual science show us? This breakout will explore the truth behind evolution in an easy to understand way that will help you understand what’s true and what not.